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My first memory is of seeing the most beautiful thing ever, it was a shimmering intricate magical thing and I remember trying to touch it - but my chubby fingers were so slow and uncoordinated that it flew away before I had the chance. It was purple, green and glittered silver in the sunlight, it was a alive and part of nature, I remember thinking fairy, and it wasn't until later that I learnt the name dragonfly.

My other early memories include always having a bag packed  at the end of my bed in case I had to leave in the middle of the night, the bag had a red umbrella and toys in it. My childhood was a wonderful eclectic mix of adventures, hard work, diving, kayaking, art, creating, painting, boats, shipwrecks, beaches, travel, food and laughter.

This is who I am now, just a lot older.

I discovered photography as a student, and instantly fell in love with the ability of freeze time, to make something from nothing. But finances and a student's need for beer took over, although I took an art based teaching degree, photography didn't register much. I always took photos, but on a cheap irrelevant camera.


 I'm 10 years into this learning curve. It's got me out and up into some of the most incredible mountain scapes I'd never have seen. I now wildcamp and lug kit into some of the most extreme lanscapes Wales can throw at me, just to capture that ellusive moment of light, that magical dawn or low lying wisp of cloud.

Simplicity and composition are key to me. Less is more, I like clever creations.  I like emotion captured with the click of a shutter. I like originality.  In the near future I hope to travel more with my camera, taking what I’ve learnt and applying it else where.

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Shortlisted in 'Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017'

Images printed on aluminium for the recently refurbished 'Tilman' Hotel and Bar in Barmouth. 

Published in 'The Great Outdoors' August 2016

**Short Interview with 'Outdoor Photography Magazine' here:



Highly commended and exhibtited in MOMA Wales open art competition. July 2016

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Exhibition - St John's Gallery, Barmouth. June 2016

Image: Glyder Fawr Dawn in 'The Great Outdors' May 2016.

*Shortlisted in Take a View's 'Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015'.

Exhibition at Venue Cymru - Llandudno.

1st July until 26th September 2015.

*Article in Outdoor Photography - 'Lie of the Land' - July 2015.

* 4 images shortlisted in the world famous 'Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2014' competition.

*Highly commended in the MOMA Wales open Art competition 2012.

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